As part of the estimate, our tree removal service involves fully falling the tree, wood eliminated or stacked, limbs and branches got rid of and chipped, and a comprehensive clean-up of your property around where the tree was taken down. 

Our workers, which usually consist of a primary cutter together with 2 to 4 ground-service crew members, which clean up the area where the tree was eliminated. Our chipper will be located nearest the tree but definitely on the drive and will be utilized to dispense with small branches and other tree waste. It is definitely our guarantee that when our team leaves, the area around the eliminated tree will appear as if we were never there. 

We know that price plays a huge role in selecting a company to help you with your tree service project. We are not always the cheapest tree service but we try to be the best. Does that mean we are overpriced? No, in fact we are usually the lowest bid, just not always. We get asked a lot how we offer our service at such a low rate. And even at those competitive rates, our Special Artistic Service is not diminished in any manner, shape or form. 

The truth is, we are better and more efficient than most of the other tree services around. We do the same work better and in less time. Our years of accident/injury free work have helped us get our insurance rates well below the norm. All of this helps us provide you with good service at an affordable rate. Allow us to quote your next tree trimming project. 

Addressing the issues that arise from unhealthy trees is expensive at times and sometimes your only option will be tree removal. Its best to get your trees looked at before they become unhealthy or need drastic trimming services. Why keep putting it off? You want beautiful trees. You deserve to have them. Call us to find out why people trust us for their tree trimming in the Coachella Valley. LA QUINTA TREE TRIMMING.



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Caring for your home's trees can swiftly grow to be a time consuming and complex challenge, but overlooking your trees may result in harmful, unhealthy conditions. Should you end up in this situation, Artistic Tree Services is ready to help to handle all tree tending tasks. Our team of experts are competent in tending to all kinds of tree in all varieties of areas and has earned a distinction for making trees beautiful and patrons ecstatic. That is our specialty.